Our Mission

At Zenix, we empower our clients to reach new heights of success by providing innovative technology solutions and expert consulting services. Our mission is to help businesses achieve their peak performance through connected planning tools that harness the power of the Phoenix bird and the strength of the human mind.

Our Story

Zenix was founded in 2022 by two technology consultants, Zack and Jon, who met five years ago while working at Anaplan. Zack and Jon quickly discovered that they shared a passion for using connected planning tools to help businesses reach their full potential. They worked together on several successful projects, but eventually decided to pursue different career paths to gain more experience.

During their time apart, they both gained valuable experience working at other consulting companies. However, they both felt that something was missing - the sense of camaraderie and shared vision they had felt while working together at Anaplan. They often talked about starting their own consulting company that focused on connected planning tools and embodied their shared values of innovation, excellence, collaboration, agility, and empowerment.

In 2022, Zack and Jon decided to make their shared dream a reality by starting their own consulting company, Zenix. They chose the name "Zenix" to represent the concept of reaching the zenith of success through connected planning tools and to symbolize the power of the Phoenix bird, which represents revitalization, transformation, and growth.

With their extensive experience in technology consulting and their shared values and vision, Zack and Jon are excited to help businesses achieve their peak performance through innovative technology solutions and expert consulting services. They are proud to carry on the legacy of their work together at Anaplan and to have found a new way to make a difference in the world of technology consulting.

Meet Our Team

The founders of Zenix Consulting have extensive experience with both the Anaplan backend and frontend, data integrations, and other planning platforms.


- Certified Master Anaplanner
- 5 Years in Anaplan ecosystem
- Host of "The Best Practice" podcast
- Speaker at Anaplan Live 2020 Function vs Function


- Certified Anaplan Model Builder
- Certified Salesforce Administrator
- Certified Datarails Level 1
- 5 Years Anaplan / 4 Years Salesforce
- Co-Authored technical guide on Anaplan Data Integrations

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