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A FREE Anaplan Model Analysis to get you back in the Planning Game!


Take advantage of our complimentary Anaplan Model Analysis, valued at ~$5000, and elevate your business planning process.

Anaplan best practices were established and documented in 2019, meaning there are a lot of existing Anaplan models that would benefit from an analysis and optimization.

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Zenix was Created from Anaplan Best Practices

At Zenix, we are industry leaders in the Anaplan platform and have a proven track record of helping businesses optimize their models for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. With our extensive knowledge of Anaplan best practices, we can provide a comprehensive analysis of your existing model and offer recommendations for improvement at no cost to you.

Our clients have seen tremendous results after taking advantage of this offer!

One recent client saw a 20% increase in efficiency after implementing the recommendations from their free analysis, while another was able to streamline their planning processes and save over 100 hours per month.

What Does an Anaplan Model Analysis Involve?

We analyze your existing Anaplan model to evaluate its structure against the documented best practices published in "The Planual" from Anaplan greats, such as David Smith & Rob Marshall.

What Model Analysis Is

What Model Analysis is Not

Analysis and Review of your existing model's structure to determine where possible pain points may exist
Brand new Anaplan model build with new logic and discovery sessions
Listening session to get user feedback about how your models are impacting their daily work and where they could improve
A "one -size-fits-all" approach. Each analysis report is customized to your scenario
Quick export of your model's blueprint which doesn't require your business process to be interrupted while we analyze the results
Production halting changes that take your team out of the game while work is completed
Increase in model efficiency and performance, regaining user adoption and improving ROI
Access to company sensitive production data
FREE Model Analysis Report and Discovery Session
Upfront Cost Commitment
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Are You Ready To Optimize?

This offer is valued at $5,000 and is a rare opportunity to enhance your business planning capabilities. Don't miss out on this professional-grade offer. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary Anaplan Model Analysis and join the ranks of our satisfied clients who have experienced significant improvements in their business planning efforts.