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Spend less time on spreadsheets and more time Planning

Our team of expert consultants specialize in various cloud planning platforms and can provide a comprehensive analysis of your business processes, using concrete metrics that can be easily incorporated into any report or presentation.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can identify areas for improvement and help you streamline your planning efforts.


Platform Expertise

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Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Data is your company's most powerful asset. Obstructed access to insights and analytics is an unnecessary evil that the proper planning platform can solve.

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As experts in the field, we can help you choose the best platform for your business needs and ensure a smooth implementation process. By partnering with us, you can trust that your data will be put to better use and drive impactful business decisions. Don't navigate the purchase and implementation process alone. Let Zenix help you make the most of your data. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

How Do We Specialize


Planning Process Review

Whether you are brand new to cloud planning software or you have established forecasting models, we will work with your team to uncover pain points that you run into during the planning process.

There are seemingly limitless ways to plan with your company's data. Our insight could help you plan smarter, not harder.


Shop With Us!

Budget & requirements often dictate how you shop for a new FP&A tool. The problem is, how do you even decide which is best for your current situation?

Zenix has expertise that spans across multiple leading FP&A platforms, making us a great 1st stop in the shopping process. We will guide you through the pros & cons while giving recommendations based on your company's needs.


Data Integrations

Data is your company's most valuable asset. Your planning process starts and ends with data.

Our team specializes in the end-to-end process that data travels along. From source system to planning platform, and back out to a database or data visualization tool, we can help!


Model Optimizations

Processes can change and your planning models need to follow suit.

We work alongside your team to uncover pain points and develop a plan to resolve and enhance your current planning process and optimize your existing forecast models.


Support & Training

Imagine a scenario where you have spent countless time and money putting a new planning platform in place. What happens if something goes wrong post go-live?

That's where we come in. Zenix was born from the Customer Success side of financial planning & analysis software. Coaching, documentation, and support is our bread & butter. If you have a problem, chances are we can solve it.

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"Our experience with Zenix was exceptional. They displayed remarkable expertise in optimizing and re-architecting our Anaplan model, resulting in an incredible 70% reduction in its size. Their meticulous approach not only enhanced our system's efficiency but also significantly improved our overall performance and user experience."

Eric Grammer
Business Systems Leader

“Need an Anaplan Champion? Zenix will take your model from any status, challenged or great, to awesome, end to end, short term or long term. Most reliable, consistent, and approachable Master Anaplanners you can find. Highly recommended!”

Jared Dolich
Founder & CEO of Retailitix

"Zenix played a crucial role in our company's growth and integration process. With their assistance, we successfully mapped and consolidated the Auth0 data into our existing models, ensuring accurate reporting and planning for future endeavors. Their expertise and support were invaluable in navigating the complexities of merging technology systems and aligning our strategies for a prosperous future."

Will Lederer
FP&A, Business Technology Director

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